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#Mental Health for School Staff

This was me❣️ Is it you? ✅ The pandemic has taken a toll on emotional-labourers. You're not alone.

I recently wrote an article for the Stigma-Free Society to lend support for their New School Staff: Educators Toolkit. The article titled: The Cause of Decline in Educator's Well-Being (Click on link to read article), has just been published on their site. There is a link below to a printable copy.) I am thrilled as an educator, who has taught K- 9th grades as well as Special Education, that the Stigma-Free Society have created resources not just for teachers, but for all school staff : teachers, administrators, EA's, and all manner of support services staff who work in schools. I appreciate the Stigma-Free Society's intentional focus on ALL adults who work tirelessly to support the Mental Health and Wellness of every student.

For Additional Articles on #Mentalhealth topics check out:

Mental Health for School Staff

from the

Stigma-Free Students Mental Health Toolkit

*For the article titled: After-Work Decompression Routine (and other articles click here).

The Stigma Free Socienty has also created an exceptional resource for Teachers on the topics of Student Mental Health: Student Mental HealthToolkit Educators, and parents can use this collection of helpful skills and tools to support students with their #mentalhealth & emotional well-being.

What teacher doesn't love ready made tools?

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Click below for a downloadable copy of the article.

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