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 FND or (Functional Neurological Disorder) is a neurological disorder.


 "It is when the brain does not send and receive messages accurately.” (

(Link for more depth and complexity to

That's the simplified Twitter type definition. Want to know more❓

Check out this page  for answers to FAQ at

What exactly is FND  


Trust the Experts💯

***For reliable and science-based answers to your questions about #FND after a new diagnosis go to either of the websites that were highly-recommended  at the Seizures Investigation Unit at VGH by my team of neurologists, when I was diagnosed Feb, 2021.   or 

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  🤩 - Is a virtual treasure trove of reliable information, rich resources and opportunities to connect with FND practitioners and the FND community. Newly diagnosed in 2021, I phond the site easy to navigate and extremely reassuring to review and share information about FND

Share your story to raise awareness and help others who may be struggling in silence with #FND 
You can be brave❣️ 🥰 I was, and YOU can too💯.

           Jocelyn, 2022

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